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iXE-W400E Software Update

Click here to access the update manual. Or please follow the steps below.

The following process provides information on how to successfully perform a software update for the iXE-W400E. The new software is 0.1.7.

IMPORTANT: Please follow each step in the correct order to ensure that the iXE-W400E gets updated correctly.

Before commencing the update procedure you should prepare all the necessary equipment. To perform the update you will need the following items:

  • Access to a computer
  • A blank USB flash drive with a minimum of 4GB capacity

Step One: Downloading File From Alpine Website

1.1 Download the update. Click here to download the update file.

1.2 Extract all zip files onto your computer.

1.3 You will need a blank USB stick to complete this software. The USB can not contain any other files and should be formatted in FAT32 format, as per image below.

1.4 Open the update file (0.1.7) from your downloads on your computer.

1.5 Copy all of the content files and then paste them to the root directory of your USB flash drive.

1.6 Once the files have finished copying to the USB, safely remove the USB from the computer.


Step Two: Updating the iXE-W400E

2.1 Before performing the update please ensure the unit is completely turned off.

2.2 Insert the USB that contains the update file into the unit. (Either port 1 or port 2)

2.3 Start your vehicle to turn on the unit.

2.4 The update will run automatically once the unit is turned on.

2.5 The update takes approximately 2-3 minutes.

2.6 Once the update has completed a pop-up message will appear. ‘MCU update is completed please remove USB’.

2.7 remove the USB from the unit.

2.8 Another pop-up message will appear. ‘The update is completed, please click OK button to restart the system.

2.9 Tap the ‘OK’ button. The unit will then restart automatically.

Step Three: Checking the Update was Successful

3.1 Once the unit has restarted you will need to check the software version to ensure the update was successful.

3.2 To do this tap the ‘Settings’ button on the Home Screen.

3.3 Scroll down and tap the ‘Version Info’ button.

3.4 The following screen should display ‘Software Version 0.1.7’ on the second line.

3.5 If the software update was unsuccessful we recommend retrying the update from the beginning.

3.6 If the software update was still unsuccessful we recommend getting in contact with your nearest Alpine dealer for support.