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Buy Safe, Buy Sure


It’s no secret that many Alpine products are available through some unauthorised dealers and online auction sites. The prices they offer are sometimes quite attractive, but remember, these merchants may not adhere to Alpine’s high standards of quality and accountability.

Before you make your purchase, we believe you should know the facts.

You get what you pay for

When you buy from an Authorised Australian Alpine Dealer, you’re protected. To begin with, you get a warranty. But that’s just the start. Equally as important, all Authorised Australian Alpine Dealers have a store where you can see, hear, and touch the product before you pay. What’s more, you know where to go if you have a problem. You know that the Authorised Australian Alpine Dealer’s premises that you visited today will still be there tomorrow, and that you’ll get to deal with local people every time.

The online sales environment, on the other hand, favours the seller. Quite often, online sellers will only list a post office box as their address; contact is through email, making it virtually anonymous. Online sellers don’t have to look you in the eye, so it’s much easier for them to shirk their responsibilities. Once you’ve parted with your hard-earned money, promises can evaporate.

In other words, a low purchase price doesn’t always mean a good deal. You only get what you pay for.

Exclusive Alpine Australia Support

At Alpine Australia we pride ourselves on the after-sales support offered by our Authorised Dealers. We’re there for you when you need us. When you buy from an Authorised Australian Alpine Dealer you can be sure that any questions you have will be answered promptly and professionally.

Unfortunately, when you buy online or through an unauthorised dealer, neither Alpine Australia nor any Authorised Australian Alpine Dealer is able to provide after sales support.

Alpine premium expertise

A motor vehicle is a harsh environment, full of noise, movement, vibrations, and obstructions. No matter how much you invest in your mobile media, expert advice and installation can mean the difference between high quality audio and unsatisfactory racket.

Authorised Australian Alpine Dealers have the specialist products, technical knowledge, and installation techniques to maximize the performance of your car audio and entertainment products. They also undergo intensive and thorough Alpine training, and receive regular technical data and product updates, so you can be sure you’re receiving the best and most accurate information available anywhere in the world.

Some online sellers are not so well informed. Their ‘facts’ can be misleading or just plain wrong. It’s important to consider whether you will receive the capable service and accurate advice you’re entitled to.

Alpine Australia Warranty

Exclusive to Authorised Australian Alpine Dealers

Only Alpine products purchased from an Authorised Australian Alpine Dealer in Australia are covered by our factory warranty.

We register the serial number of every Alpine product which we sell in Australia as well as the Authorised Dealer the product was originally delivered to. The comprehensive Alpine Australia warranty ensures that if you have a problem, it will be resolved as quickly as possible.

Furthermore, if there’s a product update or recall, your Authorised Australian Alpine Dealer will be there to support your purchase long after your money is handed over.

Alpine products purchased through unauthorised dealers are NOT covered by the Alpine Australia Warranty, or for repairs. If you purchase online and have a problem, you’ll need to return the unit to the seller for any warranty repairs. For your own protection, you should research the terms of that warranty, and also learn whether you’ll be liable for any costly freight charges, and likely to experience long periods without your system.

Is the product compatible with Australian standards?

Alpine manufactures many different models for many different countries. It’s important that you know whether the product you’re buying is the Australian model. Even when products have the same or similar model numbers, they can have unique features, specifications, and compatibility requirements.

Alpine Australia guarantees that any product purchased from an Authorised Dealer meets Australian specifi cations and will perform as described. This is especially important if you’re building up a component system in your car; you need to be sure that all of the components will integrate correctly and give you the optimum result.

In addition, any electronic product sold in Australia must meet stringent national standards. Alpine Australia’s products are all tested and fully compliant to these standards, and carry the C-Tick mark. Products purchased online and through unauthorised dealers may not be compliant, and may in fact be illegal.

Buyer Beware

Don’t relinquish your Consumer Protection rights.

Australian consumers enjoy comprehensive rights and protection under the law. If you experience a problem with any product from any Australian supplier and you can’t resolve the issue to your satisfaction, you have the right to seek resolution through various government departments and legal channels.
Unfortunately, if you buy online and the product comes from offshore, you relinquish these rights, leaving you without protection should you experience an unresolvable problem with your supplier.

Are you liable for GST and import duties?

All Australian Alpine Authorised Dealers are registered for GST, so all purchases are ‘above-board’ as far as the Australian Taxation Office is concerned. Online sellers, on the other hand, represent an additional risk because if the product comes from overseas, as the importer, you are solely liable for any GST and import duties and taxes on the purchase.

Alpine Electronics is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of premium car audio, entertainment and information systems, in fact Mobile Media is all we do.

Our two most important assets are our customers and our reputation, and we value both equally.

That’s why here in Australia we only offer our products for sale through a hand-picked network of Authorised Dealers.

This strict policy is in place to protect Alpine’s unparalleled reputation for quality and service excellence and in the long term – you.