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Bluetooth Firmware Update

The following update is compatible with: INE-W960A.

The update will improve the following:

  • Siri function with iOS 9
  • Bug fixes


Bluetooth Firmware >> INE-W960A_0416_UPD

Bluetooth Firmware Update Notes

  • Do NOT use the compressed file to update, otherwise the INE-W960A cannot recognise the files.
  • Do NOT change folder or file names, otherwise the INE-W960A cannot recognise the files.
  • Do NOT put _GAVN15_Updates folder into another folder.
  • Do NOT store any other folders/files on the USB device.
  • Do NOT remove the USB device while updating.
  • Do NOT update while driving.
  • Do NOT press any buttons while updating.
  • Do NOT turn off vehicle’s ignition or head unit’s power switch while updating.
  • Modern vehicles will shut down the ignition (ACC) after some time if the engine is not running. If you are not sure if this applies to your car, leave the engine idling while the update is in progress.

Bluetooth Firmware Update Procedure

1. Right click the downloaded “INE-W960A_0416_UPD“ file (above) and select “Extract” or “Unzip”.

2. Open the extracted folder and copy the “_GAVN15_Updates“ file inside to the empty USB device in the Root Folder.

3. Connect the USB device to the INE-W960A USB connection cable whilst in Radio Tuner mode.

4. Press “AV-Update” button when the update message appears on the screen.
During the update, a progress bar will appear. It will take around 10 minutes.

5. When the software update is finished, the INE-W960A will restart automatically.