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CDE-196DAB / UTE-93DAB Software Update


>> Download Software: 16MY_DAB_R_EA65.bin

This Software update improves/corrects the following functions of CDE-196DAB and UTE-93DAB:

  • Voice Dial function is improved with latest mobile phones
  • Performance update

CDE-196DAB / UTE-93DAB Software Update Instructions

This unit can be updated via USB connection.

1. Download 16MY_DAB_R_EA65.bin (above file)

2. Place the file (16MY_DAB_R_EA65.bin) in the root directory of a USB memory device.

Note: the USB memory device can not contain any other files and should be formatted in FAT32 format.

3. Remove the USB from your computer.

4. Turn the head unit on and press ‘source’ button, then select ‘USB Audio’.

5. Connect the USB memory device into the USB connector.

6. Push the BAND button and Preset 3 at the same time.

7. Hold down Play/Pause button until you see “update no” on the display.

8. Turn the rotary encoder to select “update yes” and press the rotary encoder to start the update.

9. The display will show “UPD Start” and then “UPD XX%”

10. “UPD XX” will appear on the display for approximately 10 minutes while the unit is updating.

11. Once the update is complete “Updated” will appear on the display followed by the checksum “M_31F90C11

12. Turn off Head Unit, remove the USB memory stick and the turn Head Unit back on and the update is complete