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CDE-148EBT / IDE-178BT

Bluetooth Firmware Update

The following update is compatible with: CDE-148EBT and IDE-178BT.

The update will improve the following:

  • Improvement of Phonebook download processing time
  • Improvement of quality of Bluetooth audio playback


Bluetooth Firmware >> BTFW_148EBT_C500

Bluetooth Firmware Update Procedure

The unit can be updated via USB connection.

Note: Please ensure that no phone devices are connected during updating process

1. Add the Firmware Update file (above) in the root directory of a USB memory device.

Note: the USB memory device should not contain any other files.

2. Turn the head unit on and select USB Audio as a source.

3.  Connect the USB memory device to the USB port. The head unit will display [NO SONG].

4. Press and hold AUDIO/SETUP for at least 2 seconds to activate the setup mode.

5. Turn the volume knob to select “BLUETOOTH”, then press ENTER.

6. Turn the volume knob to select “FW UPDATE”, then press ENTER.

7. Turn the volume knob to select “UPDATE YES”, then press ENTER.

Display will show: “UPDATING”. Do not turn the head unit off or press any buttons.

8. If the update is successful, the head unit will show “UPDATED”. Press any button to complete the update.

9. Remove the USB memory device and turn vehicle accessories off. The update is complete.

After completion of the update, you can check the current firmware version number by turning the volume knob to select “BLUETOOTH”, press ENTER, turn the volume knob to select “FW VERSION”, and press ENTER. If the FW Version number is displayed as “C500” then the update procedure was successful.