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INE-W940E Software Update

INE-W940E Software Update

>> Download Software: INE_W940E_SW_Update.zip

This Software update improves/corrects the following functions of INE-W940E:

  • Track forward/backward not working correctly, displaying track 1 of 1.


INE_W940E Software Update Instructions

The unit can be updated via USB connection.

1. Download INE_W940E_SW_Update.zip (above file)

2. Extract the .zip file using WinZip or other unzipping program, and add the Software Update folder (INE_W940E_SW_Update) in the root directory of a USB memory device.

Note: the USB memory device should not contain any other files and should be formatted in FAT32 format.

3. Remove the USB from your computer.

4. Turn the headunit on.

5. Connect the USB memory device into the USB extension lead connected to the rear of the head unit.

6. After a short moment, you will receive a pop up. The head unit will ask if you want to update, select yes.

8. The update will start and display will show that it is updating. Do not turn the unit off or press any buttons whilst this process is occuring.

9. Remove the USB memory device and turn vehicle accessories off. The update is complete.