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ICS-X7 Software Update

>>Download Software: ICS-X7


ICS-X7 System Update Instructions

1. Download the Software Update file above.

2. Store the downloaded folder “RWAP201A” to the empty USB memory in Root Folder.

3. Connect USB memory to USB connector (USB1 or USB2) of the ICS-X7.

4. Press “OK” button when update message appears on the screen.




During the update, a progress bar will appear. It will take around 10 minutes.




5. When the software update is finished, the ICS-X7 will restart automatically.





6. Once the unit has restarted completely, turn off vehicle’s ignition, remove the USB memory and turn the
ignition back on to finalise the software update. If the Software version number is displayed as “1.003”
in the SETUP menu, the update procedure has succeeded.