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CDE-145E Software Update

>> Download Software: 13myrich_disp_main_e_c_j_b1e8

This Software update improves/corrects the following functions of CDE-145E:

  • Power antenna not functioning correctly.

CDE-145E Software Update Instructions

The unit can be updated via USB connection.

1. Download 113MYRich Disp_MAIN_E_C_J_B1E8.zip (above file)

2. Extract the folder, and add the Software Update file (113MYRich Disp_MAIN_E_C_J_B1E8.bin) in the root directory of a USB memory device.

Note: the USB memory device should not contain any other files and should be formatted in FAT32 format.

3. Remove the USB from your computer.

4. Turn the head unit on and press ‘source’ button, then select ‘USB Audio’.

5. Connect the USB memory device into the USB extension lead connected to the rear of the head unit.
The head unit will display [NO SONG].

6. Press ‘Track up’ and Preset’6′ button simultaneously, then press ‘Band’ button.

7. The head unit will display [update], select yes and press enter

8. The update will start and display will show [updating]. do not turn the unit off or press any buttons.

9. If the update is successful, the head unit will show “UPDATED”. Press any button to complete the update.

10. Remove the USB memory device and turn vehicle accessories off. The update is complete.

After completion of the update, you can check the current software version number by pressing ‘Source’ and ‘Preset 4’ button simultaneously. If the ‘Main’ Version number is displayed as “B1E80000” then the update procedure was successful.