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2012 CD Receivers

Bluetooth Firmware Update

The following update is compatible with CDE-133EBT, CDE-134EBT, CDE-135BT, CDE-135EBT, CDE-136BT, CDA-137EBT and CDE-W235EBT.

The update will improve the following:

  • The Head Unit’s compatibility will be improved from AVRCP1.3 to AVRCP1.4
  • Compatibility with new mobile phones
  • iOS6 Bluetooth Audio – displaying the tag information on the Head Unit
  • iOS6 Bluetooth Audio – ability to control the iPhone‘s music player from the Head Unit

 Note: If your CDE-133EBT does not have an ‘A’ at the end of the serial number, or if it displays ‘0000’ instead of waiting, please complete the following update prior to updating the Bluetooth firmware.


Note: You must obtain and use the latest version 4 Bluetooth dongle and check product specifications to ensure it is FTP compatible before following the below instructions to complete the update.




Note: Please refer to the Alternative Update method on page 12 of the PC Update Instructions when updating the CDE-W235EBT.