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OPTIM™ Amplifier Processor


OPTIM™8 8-Channel Sound Processor and Amplifier with Automatic Sound Tuning


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The Alpine OPTIM™8 Processor Amplifier represents a pinnacle of audio engineering, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with meticulous craftsmanship to deliver an unparalleled audio experience. Designed for audiophiles and music enthusiasts who demand nothing but the best, the OPTIM™8 Processor Amplifier redefines the boundaries of sonic perfection.

At the heart of the OPTIM™8 lies a powerful digital signal processor (DSP) that serves as the brain of the system. This DSP employs advanced algorithms to process audio signals in real time, ensuring precision, clarity, and depth in every note, beat, and rhythm. Its customisable settings allow users to fine-tune their audio environment, tailoring the sound to suit individual preferences and the acoustics of any given space.

The amplifier section of the OPTIM™8 is a masterpiece of engineering, boasting a state-of-the-art circuitry that optimises power delivery while minimising distortion. This results in an exceptional level of clarity, with each instrument and vocal element rendered with exquisite detail. The amplifier’s low noise floor ensures that even the quietest nuances in music are faithfully reproduced, while its dynamic range guarantees the full impact of crescendos and decrescendos.

Aesthetically, the OPTIM™8 Processor Amplifier is a testament to Alpine’s commitment to both form and function. Its sleek, minimalist design incorporates high-quality materials and refined finishes, making it a visual delight that seamlessly integrates into any audio setup. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing for easy navigation through the various settings and options offered by the DSP.

Connectivity options are abundant, catering to a wide range of audio sources and configurations. Whether connecting via Bluetooth, USB, optical, or analog inputs, the OPTIM™8 ensures a seamless and hassle-free connection process. Additionally, its compatibility with various audio formats and resolutions ensures that high-resolution audio files are played back with the utmost fidelity.

Ultimately, the Alpine OPTIM™8 Processor Amplifier masterfully merges advanced technology and intricate craftsmanship to redefine audio excellence. With its powerful DSP and engineering prowess, it delivers precision, clarity, and customisable sound, while its seamless integration, aesthetic appeal, and versatile connectivity options set new standards for an extraordinary audio journey.

Hi-Res Audio Certified

The Alpine OPTIM™8 Amplifier is Hi-Res Audio Certified and able to reproduce frequencies from 10Hz to 45kHz. This ultra-wide bandwidth helps elevate your music to a whole new level of clarity and nuance to achieve a level of detail far closer to that of the original studio recording.

Customised Listening Experience

Tune your system in real-time using the tuning tools, like crossover adjustments and time correction, to create an experience that’s tailored to your ideal listening position or music genre preference. Use any of the six included presets to save your favorite tuning adjustments and access on the fly using the included OPTIM™8 controller.

Automatic Sound Tuning

Tune your entire sound system in under five minutes with the innovative auto-tuning capabilities of the Alpine OPTIM™8. Using the PC application and the KTX-CSP1 mic kit (sold separately) or the OPTIM8 IOS application and built-in microphone on an iPhone® 10 or newer, measure, correct, and tune your system to your desired listening preference through fast and easy guided tuning instructions.

Guided Self-Tuning

The Alpine OPTIM™8 removes all the complexities of tuning a sound system by providing a simple, self-guided process via the OPTIM8 iPhone app or PC app to quickly and precisely measure your vehicle’s interior. This innovative Auto-EQ software analyses your vehicle’s acoustic environment and intelligently adjusts to optimise the audio output for your vehicle.

Flexible Application

The OPTIM™8 gives you the flexibility to use your factory radio and sound system or tie in an aftermarket radio and sound system. The built-in amplifier boasts 50W x 6 @ 4Ω + 150W x 2 @4Ω or 50W x 6 @2Ω + 300W x 2@ 2Ω, being able to power a full sound system. Digital inputs include Coax and USB (DAC) while a high-level speaker input of up to 30V allows the OPTIM™8 to connect to a factory amplifier.

All-In-One Solution

Enhance your factory or aftermarket radio and sound system with the Alpine OPTIM™8. Featuring a built-in 8-channel amplifier with Hi-Res Audio playback up to 96kHz/24Bit, the OPTIM™8 is the all-in-one sound solution to amplify and effortlessly sound-tune your system in minutes.

Recommended Systems


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S2-S65C   2-Way S-Series Component Speaker System

S2-S65   2-Way S-Series Coaxial Speaker System

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PXE-C80-CC   8-Channel Sound Processor & Amplifier

• R2-S65C   2-Way R-Series Component Speaker System

• R2-S65   2-Way R-Series Coaxial Speaker System

• RS-W12D4   R-Series 12″ Dual 4Ω Voice Coil Subwoofer


  • Hi-Res Audio Playback (96kHz/24Bit)
  • Intuitive Realtime Sound Set-Up with 5 Minute Vehicle Self-Tuning
  • Manual & Automatic Sound Tuning with PC App Control
  • Automatic Sound Tuning with iPhone App (must be iPhone 10 or newer)
  • Anti-EQ for OEM System (Eliminates Factory EQ Curve)
  • Auto-EQ with APVD Collection which Quickly Creates a Flat Vehicle Response
  • Compatible with the KTX-CSP1 PC Mic Tuning Kit (sold separately)



  • Output Channels: 8 Channels

Power Ratings

  • Power Output (@4Ω 14.4V 10% THD)
    • CH1-6: 50W, CH7-8: 150W
  • Power Output (@2Ω 14.4V 10% THD)
    • CH1-6: 50W, CH7-8: 300W
  • RCA Output (@10kΩ 14.4V 0.1% THD)
    • CH1-8: 4Vrms


  • High level: 2Vrms into 4Ω: ≤0.1%
  • RCA: 2Vrms into 10kΩ: ≤0.06%

S/N Ratio

  • High level: 40k-AES17+A-weighted: ≥80dB
  • RCA: 40k-AES17+A-weighted: ≥95dB

Frequency Response 

  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz (+/-3dB)

Input Voltage

  • High level: 26Vpp
  • RCA: 11Vpp

Output Voltage

  • High level: CH1-6: 40Vpp, CH7-8: 70Vpp
  • RCA: 4Vrms

Input Impedance

  • High level: >50kΩ
  • RCA: >50kΩ

System Sampling Rate

  • 192kHz/32bit

Operating Voltage

  • 9~16V

Operating Temperature

  • -20°C~+60°C

Back Up Current (12.6V)

  • ≤3mA

REM Start Input

  • High level (H1-/H1+), ACC optional

REM Start Output

  • 12V (0.2A)

Dimensions & Weight

  • (WxHxD): 220.5 x 54 x 225mm
  • Weight: 2.4kg

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