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Amplifier Processor


Compact 12-Channel Digital Audio Processor / 8-Channel Digital High-Power Amplifier


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Beneath its stunning high-end design, the PXE-X800 brings a powerhouse of Alpine innovation to create a class-leading sound processor power amplifier composed of advanced digital sound processing and AptX lossless music streaming.

Equipped with 31-bands of parametric or graphic EQ adjustment and digital channel time correction, the degree of tune-ability through the smartphone app or easy-to-use PC software is virtually limitless. Furthermore, the multitude of digital and analogue I/O available allows the PXE-X800 to connect and integrate seamlessly with almost any desired system configuration.

The PXE-X800 is the ultimate audio solution for OEM upgrades all the way to high-end systems, its extensive tuning capabilities and broad flexibility makes it adaptable to any system application that demands highly accurate and powerful sound. 

Full Digital Sound System

The centrepiece of the “DSP Sound System” range of premium audio products—the PXE-X800, when combined with Alpine’s DP Series speakers can provide an accurately positioned and wide sound stage for an incredible listening experience. At the same time, the PXE-X800 is an outstanding performer in its own right, with its advanced tuning capabilities and a 8-Channel high power built-in amplifier, the PXE-X800 unlocks the latent potential from any sound system, resulting in truly incredible sound.

F#1 Status Inspired Design

Drawing design inspiration from the pinnacle in car audio – Alpine F#1 Status. The all-new PXE-X800 exudes cool with a high-quality metal brushed aluminium shell and Alpine’s exclusive blue power indicator light. Despite the PXE-X800’s compact design it packs punch with powerful performance delivery of up to 50W RMS (CH1-CH4). Furthermore, the input and output terminals are placed in a unified vertical direction with convenient wiring to assist with your super clean install.

Input Connections

Equipped with high-level inputs (x8) and RCA low level inputs (x4) the PXE-X800 can be configured to match the output of either an OEM system or aftermarket head unit. Plus, the optical and coaxial inputs allow for digital connection of a head unit or other digital sources.

Output Connections

The 8 Hi-Level amplified outputs can power an  entire sound system. Or, the 12 RCA outputs cater for virtually any system configuration to add external amplifiers for greater power output to build an active system setup of 3-way front and 2-Way rear speakers and multiple subwoofers.

RUX-C810 Controller 

The RUX-C810 controller (sold separately) is compatible with the PXE-X800 12 Channel Digital Audio Processor enabling main source and EQ preset selection, input selection and subwoofer volume adjustment. The controller is very compact and can be easily installed anywhere in the dash-board or centre console. It features a rotary encoder and black/white LCD display.

Pint Sized with Big Power 

Featuring 31-Bands of Parametric and Graphic EQ per channel, Time Correction (up to 20ms/ch) and Full Digital Crossovers. The PXE-X800 is not only just a capable DSP, but with a built-in 8-Channel High Power Amplifier it can effortlessly power a full speaker system. 

APTX Bluetooth Lossless Streaming

The external V5.0 dual-mode Bluetooth module has low power consumption efficiency and provides great sound quality. The APTX lossless music streaming is capable of wireless connection distances of up to 15m and plays your music with high-fidelity sound quality.

Easy System Setup and Sound Tuning via Smartphone App or PC Software

The PXE-X800 delivers expansive tuning capabilities straight out of the box and allows you to dive deep into the system setup and refining the sound of your system. With a user-friendly interface, the PXE-X800 smartphone App and PC software features a split-screen mode allowing for a quicker and more convenient user tuning experience. With such easy access to tuning through PC or smartphone, the PXE-X800 makes professional grade audio tuning a breeze and readily available to everyone.



• PXE-X800   12-Channel Digital Audio Processor Amplifier

• DP-653   3-Way DP-Series Component Speaker System

• DP-65C   2-Way DP-Series Component Speaker System



• PXE-X800   12-Channel Digital Audio Processor Amplifier

• DP-65C   2-Way DP-Series Component Speaker System

• DP-65C   2-Way DP-Series Component Speaker System



• PXE-X800   12-Channel Digital Audio Processor Amplifier

• R2-S653   3-Way R-Series Component Speaker System

• R2-S65C   2-Way R-Series Coaxial Speaker System



• PXE-X800   12-Channel Digital Audio Processor Amplifier

• R2-S65C   2-Way R-Series Component Speaker System

• R2-S65C   2-Way R-Series Component Speaker System



  • Frequency response
    •  20Hz – 20KHz/ 1Hz step


    • 12-channel RCA audio
    • Built-in AMP
    • Slope 6/12/18/24/30/36/42/48 dB
    • Optical/ Coaxial


    • 4 x 25W (Rated power)
    • 4 x 50W (Max power)

     Sound & Tuning

    • 31 Bands parametric EQ
    • 31 Bands graphic EQ
    • Time correction (up to 20ms/ ch)
    • AptX Bluetooth lossless format


    • 228.2mm x 194.5mm x 45mm


  • Dynamic range: ≥100dB
  •  SNR (RCA): ≥110dB
  • Background noise: High level: 93.3uVrms; RCA:8uVrms
  •  Channel resolution: ≥80dB
  •  THD: ≤0.05%
  • Input voltage: High level: 30Vpp; RCA:5Vpp
  • Output voltage: High level CH1~CH4: 40 Vpp, high level CH5~CH8: 28 Vpp; RCA: 8 Vpp
  • Rated power: CH1~CH4:50W,CH5~CH8:25W(4Ω, 14.4V, 1kHz, 10%THD)
  • Maximum power: CH 1 ~ CH4:100W,CH5~ CH8:50W(4Ω, 1 4.4V, 1kHz, 10%THD)
  • Input / output sensitivity (RCA): 1:1.23 (no power amplification)
  • System sampling rate: 48kHz/24bit
  • Input impedance: High level: 51Ω; RCA:20kΩ
  • Output impedance: 51Ω
  • Operating voltage: 9~16V
  • Quiescent current: ≤3mA (in off state)
  • Stand-by power consumption: ≤0.1W
  • REM startup input: High level (H1-/H1+), ACC selectable
  • REM startup output: 12V(0.2A)
  • Uptime: 10s
  • Operating ambient temperature: -20~60℃
  • Storage temperature: -40~85℃
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