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Hi-Res Audio

Experience Hi-Res Audio

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Selected Alpine products are now Hi-Res audio ready. This is particularly good news for our audiophile fans who are after a superior listening experience that can be truly appreciated. Hi-Res audio encompasses the playback for specific high resolution audio files such as FLAC or WAV files that contain high sampling rates (above 44.1 kHz) so it can be reproduced with high fidelity sound through the speaker or amplifier system.

The Hi-Res Audio logo which is now seen on many audio products in the industry is a certification which has been standardised through JAS (Japan Audio Association). In summary, it is the collaboration of digital processes and formats that allow the encoding and playback of high definition music files which require higher sampling rates compared to what is found on typical CDs.

What does it mean if a product is Hi-Res Audio ready?

Alpine products which are Hi-Res Audio ready mean that they are compatible with music that are intended for high definition playback. This provides an advanced audio listening experience with premium quality sound that is a true representation of how the music was originally recorded. This is achieved through playing specific compatible audio files.

What makes an Alpine product Hi-Res Audio compatible?

The dynamic range measured by frequency (hertz) and SPL db (sound pressure level) mastered by Alpine’s painstaking engineering has delivered precise audio reproduction from high resolution sound sources and recordings at 96kHz/24Bit or greater, they are optimised for high definition playback and breathtaking performance.

Why Hi-Res Audio?

Listening to Hi-Res Audio allows you to feel every emotion and immerse in the authentic nuances and details of your favourite artist’s original studio performance which is reproduced with high definition. Hi-Res Audio provides absolutely no distortion for a superior audiophile listening experience.

What are the benefits of Hi-Res Audio?

With digital lossless capture, Hi-Res Audio returns to the rich, full sound of original analog audio sources. Having this feature on your product means you can have the best of both worlds and when you transition over to Hi-Res audio files you can experience the quality at your convenience.

This graph demonstrates the incredible dynamic range for high definition playback. Selected Alpine products are engineered to deliver faithful audio reproduction from high resolution sound sources at 96kHz/24Bit or greater.