X-Power Mono Amplifier

The new Class-D digital X-Power amplifiers take advantage of various PDX amp technologies for impressive power and bass performance at very affordable prices.
These digital powerhouses are so efficient, they’re much more compact than you expect. Advanced thermal protection means you can play them loud and the music never stops.


Easily Upgrade any System

Speaker level inputs let you connect these amps directly to factory-installed head units that do not have preamp outputs, so you can upgrade the original system with higher power and better speakers.


Remote Sensing

All X-Power amps feature a remote sensing function that turns the power on automatically when the amp detects an incoming audio signal. There is no more need for an extra remote line.


Smaller Footprint

PDX digital Technology means high efficiency, so the X-Power amps are up to 29% more compact than previous models, making installation even more convenient.


Effective Heat Protection

If interior heat reaches unacceptably high levels, a Thermal Protection circuit decreases power in two steps rather than interrupting the music. It also provides over-voltage and over-current protection.

Price: $549

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What's Built-in?

Class-D Circuitry

Alpine's advanced application of Class-D technology keeps the signal in the digital realm until just prior to output, and markedly improves detail in the high frequencies, thanks to enhanced time management (pulse) accuracy.

Speaker Level Input

Speaker Level Input

Allows the amp to be connected directly to a pre-installed head unit that does not have preamp outputs. So you can upgrade the original system with higher power and better speakers

Remote Sensing

Remote Sensing

The X-Power Amplifiers will automatically turn on when an incoming audio signal is detected, so there is no need for an extra remote line.

Remote Control Bass Knob

Remote Control Bass Knob

Adjust subwoofer level without having to access the amplifier itself. Simply add the RUX-KNOB (sold separately) and get full control for remote on-the-fly bass adjustments. You also have the ability to control up to ten X-Power mono amps from just one RUX-KNOB controller with simple telephone jack adapters.

Expand Your System with These Options


  • Channels: 1
  • Max Power Output: 1900W
  • RMS Power Output [@14.4V 1%THD]:
    • 1 x 1000W (2ohms)
    • 1 x 600W (4ohms)
  • Amplification Circuit: Class-D
  • Input Gain adjustment 0.2V–4V
  • Bass EQ
  • Selectable Variable Filters HP & LP (Mono amps: LP only)
  • Speaker-Level Input
  • Remote Sensing Turn-On
  • Thermal Mangement Processor
  • S.T.A.R Cicuitry
  • Remote Bass Control Ready (with RUX-KNOB - sold seperately)


Power Output

  • Per Channel, 14.4V, 4 ohms: 600W RMS x 1
  • Per Channel, 14.4V, 2 ohms: 1000W RMS x 1
  • Per Channel, 14.4V, 1 ohms: 500W RMS x 1


  • 10W into 4 ohms: <0.004%
  • Rated Power into 4 ohms: <0.04%
  • 10W into 2 ohms: <0.01%
  • Rated Power into 2 ohms: <0.06%

S/N Ratio

  • IHF A-wtd + AES-17, 1W into 4 ohms: 90dB
  • IHF A-wtd + AES-17, Rated Power into 4 ohms: 117dB

Frequency Response

  • +0/-3dB, 1W into 4 ohms: 5-400Hz
  • +0/-1dB, 1W into 4 ohms: 10-300Hz

Damping Factor

  • 10W into 4 ohms at 100Hz: >1000

Input Impedance: >10k ohms

Input Sensitivity

  • RCA Input, Rated Power into 4 ohms: 0.2-4.0V
  • Speaker Level Input, Rated Power into 4 ohms: 0.5-10V


  • Variable LPF (-12dB/oct.) - 50-400Hz
  • Variable Subsonic (-24dB/oct.): 5-30Hz


  • Variable Bass EQ (fc=50Hz): 0 to + 12dB

Preamp Output

  • Ch1/2 Input Pass-through, Buffered: 4V max

Remote Level*

  • Linear Attenuation, *Requires optional RUX-KNOB: 0 to -20dB


  • Width (Heat Sink): 340mm (13-3/8")/280mm (11")
  • Height: 58mm (2-1/4")
  • Depth: 230mm (9")
  • Weight: 3.8kg

Note: Specifications and design are subject to change without notice.



Remote Bass Controller



The optional RUX-KNOB remote bass control knob plugs right in to mono amplifier models for quick, direct subwoofer control to make bass adjustments on the fly.


Compatible Models

The RUX-KNOB is specifically designed as the controller for use with mono amplifiers (including 4 Channel + mono).

From the Inside

With the RUX-KNOB, get full control over your mono amplifier, conveniently from inside the car. With the RUX-KNOB installed inside the vehicle cabin, easily adjust the bass gain of your amp while seated inside.

Multiple Amp Control

Yes, there is a way to control multiple amps from just one RUX-KNOB controller – with the use of simple telephone cord adapters (which are readily available at many retailers).


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