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Alpine Premium Sound for Tesla

The Evolution of Sound

An ingenious approach to audio technology specifically created for electric vehicles.

Drawing on decades of meticulous automotive audio design Alpine’s quest for sound excellence continues. At the forefront of innovation, Alpine has created hi-fidelity audio components specifically designed for EVs (electric vehicles). Without compromise, every aspect in the engineering and product design is deeply considered for the EV environment with adoption of ultra lightweight high-performance speaker components and cutting-edge DSP technology. Our ultimate aim is to make sure your audio experience inside your Tesla is the most pure and musically captivating ever.

The heart of the system is Alpine’s exclusive technology twelve-channel DSP amplifier that reproduces sound with precision and creates a mesmerising three-dimensional spatial sound-stage. Furthermore, its all-digital architecture is insanely efficient, making the most out of every watt of power output while minimising consumption. Our all-new and advanced speaker technology incorporates a carbon fibre woofer cone and mid-range speaker neodymium magnet to ensure the highest calibre of sound articulation that is powerfully dynamic and accurate.

The Very Best in Sound for Tesla

Bring on the future, through our innovation high-end audio is now possible for EVs.

The automotive space is rapidly moving to electrification. At Alpine we’re embracing the future to enhance your driving life with high-end audio components exclusively designed for EV’s. We’re also leading the way in sound innovation too, our advances in high-technology digital sound processing is next level, to control with precision the sound time domain and response of each speaker, as well as correcting the acoustic environment of the cabin space. Through this innovation, the sound is fundamentally astonishing, the audio is not only revealed with enthusiastic musicality, but also takes you into the realm of an atmospheric immersive experience.

Seamless integration of the audio system is of the highest standard and without compromise. Our high-end speaker components are specifically engineered for EV’s, by utilising specialised materials we are able to achieve high-end sound quality, but of equal importance a light-weight construction. When upgrading the speaker components they are engineered for precise installation, exactly replacing the OEM parts and directly plugging into the factory connections. Furthermore, our vehicle specific harnesses provide direct connection of the 12-channel DSP amplifier.


OEM System

Indulge in audio nirvana with this state-of-the-art OEM upgrade system for your Model 3. The revolutionary 12-channel DSP amplifier brings out the very best from the factory speakers and adds a mid-range speaker pair with a 10-Inch subwoofer for extended bass and an unforgettable audio experience.

PXE-X121-12EV 12-Channel Digital Audio Processor Amplifier • EV-40MR-T 4” EV-Series Component Speakers • EV-100SW3-T 10″ EV-Series Subwoofer

Professional System

This professional-grade system has it all. The 12-Channel DSP amplifier effortlessly powers the entire system and hosts the gateway for high-resolution music via USB, Bluetooth and other digital sources. With high-end speakers and DSP spatial sound, transform your cabin space into a mobile concert hall.

PXE-X121-12EV 12-Channel Digital Audio Processor Amplifier • EV-40MR-T 4″ EV-Series Component Speakers (2 Sets)EV-40M-T 4″ 2-Way EV-Series Component Speakers • EV-65CF-T 6.5″ 2-Way EV-Series Component Speakers • EV-100SW3-T 10″ EV-Series Subwoofer

Ultimate System

In the pursuit of the pinnacle of performance this is the most complete high-end audio system available for Tesla. Powered by two DSP amplifiers the sound is delivered with authority to the entire speaker system and 10-inch subwoofer. The extensive DSP capabilities allows optimisation of the cabin acoustics with precision and atmospheric three-dimensional sound.

Experience music the way it was meant to be heard—with crystal clear clarity and profound depth that engages emotion and every sense.

PXE-X121-12EV 12-Channel Digital Audio Processor Amplifier (x2) EV-40MR-T 4″ EV-Series Component Speakers (2 Sets) EV-40M-T 4″ 2-Way EV-Series Component Speakers • EV-65CF-T 6.5″ 2-Way EV-Series Component Speakers • EV-100SW3-T 10″ EV-Series Subwoofer


OEM System

Revolutionise your Tesla’s audio experience with our state-of-the-art OEM audio system. This entry-point upgrade elevates the OEM factory audio to new heights by adding our 12-channel DSP amplifier for panoramic sound with cabin sound tuning, plus a mid-range speaker pair and 10-inch subwoofer.

PXE-X121-12EV 12-Channel Digital Audio Processor Amplifier • EV-40MR-T 4” EV-Series Component Speakers • EV-100SWY-T 10″ EV-Series Subwoofer

Professional System

Professional level sound in your Tesla is now attainable with the seamless replacement of the OEM audio system with our high-end twelve speaker upgrade and the addition of a 10″ subwoofer for deep bass. With the 12-Channel DSP amplifier, be immersed in a new dimension of breathtaking sound quality.

PXE-X121-12EV 12-Channel Digital Audio Processor Amplifier • EV-40MR-T 4″ EV-Series Component Speakers (2 Sets)EV-40M-T 4″ 2-Way EV-Series Component Speakers • EV-65CF-T 6.5″ 2-Way EV-Series Component Speakers • EV-100SWY-T 10″ EV-Series Subwoofer

Ultimate System

Designed for the most discerning audiophiles that demand the very best in audio, this system unleashes the signal processing of two DSP amplifiers for precision control of the sound-stage, as well as powering the entire speaker system and the stealth installation 10-inch subwoofer.

This comprehensive package transforms every note into an electrifying symphony, reshaping the realm of audio excellence with an atmospheric three-dimensional auditory experience.

PXE-X121-12EV 12-Channel Digital Audio Processor Amplifier (x2) EV-40MR-T 4″ EV-Series Component Speakers (2 Sets) EV-40M-T 4″ 2-Way EV-Series Component Speakers • EV-65CF-T 6.5″ 2-Way EV-Series Component Speakers • EV-100SWY-T 10″ EV-Series Subwoofer


12-Channel Hi-Res Audio DSP Amplifier with Bluetooth

The PXE-X121-12EV is designed with user convenience in mind. Using the companion mobile app or PC software, users can quickly and easily configure parameters such as equalisation curves, phase and gain levels, time delays and crossover points for the ultimate in sound customisation.

The PXE-X121-12EV is an all-in-one DSP amplifier solution that combines unprecedented digital sound processing and twelve powerful output channels, and using the vehicle specific connection harness provides ease of installation whilst retaining the integrity of vehicles electrical system.

The PXE-X121-12EV is the ultimate all-in-one DSP (digital sound processor) amplifier specifically engineered for the electric vehicle environment. Beneath its ultra-stylish and compact chassis is state-of-the-art technology with an all-digital architecture that effortlessly powers up to 850Watts into 12-channels of pure audio all-while minimising power consumption. Moreover, each channel can be calibrated to precision, correcting the in cabin acoustic environment including the sound time domain and the dynamic range of each speaker.

With Hi-RES Audio specifications adds a new dimension in sound quality, and the pure audio gateways allows you to play high-resolution music files via USB input, as well as wirelessly stream HD music directly to the amplifier and connect other digital sources. Every element of the PXE-X121-12EV is thoughtfully crafted for an unforgettable immersive audio experience.

The RUX-C810 controller can be placed virtually anywhere for source selection and EQ presets, as well as adjustment of master volume and subwoofer level.
(RUX-C810 sold separately)

Hi-Res Audio

The PXE-X121-12EV is Hi-Res Audio Certified and capable to reproduce frequencies from 20Hz to 40kHz. This ultra-wide bandwidth elevates your music to a whole new level of clarity and nuance to achieve a degree of detail far closer to that of the original studio recording.

HD Music

Stream music with convenience and the utmost high-quality HD sound through the Alpine Music iOS application. Connect via wireless Bluetooth to experience effortless and extensive sound customisability at your fingertips with options such as volume, EQ and more.

• 850Watts Total Rated Power Output: 1Ch~6Ch 50Watts + 7Ch~10Ch 25Watts + 1Ch~12Ch 100Watts (200Watts Bridged) • Optical / Digital Coaxial Inputs • Hi-Res Audio Certified • Frequency Range 20Hz-40kHz • Sample Rate 96kHz/24Bit • Remote Sense or ACC On • 101dB SN Ratio • 12Ch High Level Input • 2Ch RCA Input • 2Ch RCA Preout • Matrix input summing • 12Ch 31-Band Parametric or Graphic EQ • Digital Time Correction • Alpine Panoramic Dimensional Sound Effect • HPF / LPF / Bandpass Crossover -6dB/Oct~48dB/Oct slope per/Channel • Sound Tuning via PC App or iPhone App (iPhone 10 or newer) • Dimensions: 263mm x 262mm x 58mm • Weight: 4.7kg


6.5-Inch Component Speakers

Discover audio excellence with the EV-65CF-T front door speaker components which are a lightweight marvel that redefines in-car sound for electric vehicles. Engineered with a carbon fibre hybrid woofer cone and an integrated wave guide, this high-end speaker component delivers precise and powerful audio performance. Equipped with Alpine’s exclusive H.A.M.R. surround enables greater linear excursion and dynamics for ultra depth of bass and sound accuracy. Furthermore, the 1-inch soft dome tweeter produces a natural and smoothly detailed high-frequency response that perfectly compliments the woofer for an overall hi-fidelity sound characteristic.

Facilitating effortless installation, the EV-65CF-T allows seamless integration and fitment into the vehicle’s existing locations and connections for exact speaker replacement.

The EV-65CF-T elevates your driving experience, blending cutting-edge technology with superior lightweight design for an unparalleled sonic journey.


4-Inch Component Speakers

Dive into audio brilliance with the EV-40M-T direct dashboard speaker replacement system. This lightweight component speaker set hosts a carbon fibre hybrid woofer cone paired with Alpine’s H.A.M.R. surround that ensures cone excursion velocity and linearity which delivers both on audio superiority and style. Elevating its looks even further, a stunning machine-cut magnet cover provides a sophisticated premium finish.


4-Inch Component Speakers

Immerse in sonic excellence with the EV-40MR-T direct replacement mid-range pair. Its lightweight design houses a carbon fibre hybrid woofer cone, offering toughness and a high performance aesthetic, whilst the H.A.M.R. surround delivers precise response and greater linear excursion. Enhancing the overall design, a visually striking machine-cut magnet cover that perfectly complements the speakers high-end attributes.


10-Inch Model 3 Subwoofer

The EV-100SW3-T is your gateway to an immersive world of high-fidelity bass. Saving on weight and space, this amazingly lightweight and extremely efficient subwoofer boasts a commanding 100W RMS / 500W peak power and features Alpine’s signature ultra-rigid carbon fibre woven cone and H.A.M.R. surround technology to yield highly controlled and astonishingly detailed bass. Achieving frequencies down to as low as 25Hz, you are able hear and feel your favourite music.


10-Inch Model Y Subwoofer

Transform your Tesla’s audio experience with bass superiority you can hear and feel. This impressively lightweight subwoofer is specifically designed for a stealth installation in your Model Y. With a focus on efficiency and weight saving this subwoofer gives you great bass sound without compromising driving range. Engineered with Alpine’s woven carbon fibre cone and H.A.M.R. surround ensures an extended frequency range down to 25Hz, allowing you to feel the depth in every bass note.

Model 3 System Integration Harness

OEM / Professional

2021 – KCU-TSL21M3-1

2022 – KCU-TSL22M3-1


2021 – KCU-TSL21M3-2

2022 – KCU-TSL22M3-2

Model Y System Integration Harness

OEM / Professional

2021 – KCU-TSL21MY-1

2022 – KCU-TSL22MY-1


2021 – KCU-TSL21MY-2

2022 – KCU-TSL22MY-2

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