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INE-W947E Update V1.302

This update is specifically intended for users with the Alpine INE-W947Ei Advanced Navi Station. One update per unit. This is not a navigation map update.

INE-W947Ei Update v1.302 Content

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Download INE-W947Ei Update here: BDAP307A


Download and Install instructions:

1) Unzip the downloaded update file folder to a freshly formatted USB memory thumb drive. Do not change the file folder name. The update file folder should be the only data contained on the USB memory thumb drive.

2) Turn on your ignition, and connect USB memory thumb drive to the USB connector of the INE-W947Ei.

3) Press “OK” button when update message appears on the screen. During the update, a progress bar will appear. It will take approximately 15 minutes to complete the update. DO NOT turn off your car’s ignition during the update process.

4) When the firmware update is completed, your INE-W947Ei will restart automatically.

5) Turn off the vehicle’s ignition, remove the USB memory thumb drive and turn the ignition back on to finalize the firmware update. Confirm the firmware version number displayed as “1.302” in the Setup Menu of the INE-W947Ei.