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iLX-107 Audio Visual Speaker System

Head Unit/Speaker

iLX-107 Audio Visual Speaker System

iLX-107 / X-Premium Sound Front and Rear Speakers

$2,297.00 $1,699.00

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SKU: ILX-171001

This audio visual speaker system brings you clever smartphone connectivity matched with the exemplary X-Premium Sound speakers. The award-winning iLX-107 gives you the luxury of simply getting in and going. It allows you to seamlessly access your iPhone on your vehicle’s touchscreen without having to stop and connect a cable every time you get in. Set up is as easy as pairing the wireless Apple CarPlay unit from your iPhone or simply connecting the lightning cable for the first time. Once you go through the extremely easy initial set up, the iLX-107 will automatically connect to the most frequently paired iPhone each time the vehicle is started.

While the X-Premium Sound speakers are among the finest ever crafted by Alpine. Utilising exotic materials such as carbon graphite in the tweeter diaphragm achieving unprecedented resolution and also making it possible to realistically reproduce fine nuances and sound transparency. The adoption of nano-fibres in the woofer diaphragm creates a beautifully rich sound with profound linearity.

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