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R-Series 10″ Halo System

Amplifier / Subwoofer Systems

R-Series 10″ Halo System

R-Series Mono Amplifier and R-Series 10″ Halo Subwoofer with ProLink™

$1,108.00 $999.00

Not available online

SKU: R-201205

Experience hard hitting bass for hours on end without distortion with the all-new R-Series Halo subwoofer system with ProLink™. R-Series subwoofers take bass performance to extreme levels, delivering thunderous, ground-pounding bass. Audiophiles are satisfied too, R-Series subwoofers are highly accurate, making them perfectly matched to the R-Series amplifier power output for controlled bass rivalling the best in the industry. Moreover, their all-new digital design provides huge amounts of power and an extraordinary damping factor making these amplifiers class-leading in every way.

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