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Audio Processor


Professional Series Audiophile Processor (Gold)


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The PDX Professional Series are a special collection that elevates PDX to new heights of prestige with their luxurious and gorgeous gold aluminium finish.

The PXA-H800GC’s extensive array of audio processing capabilities, many of which are based on AlpineF#1Status technological expertise, will maximise the sound of any system. This audio processor provides all the audio processing functions necessary to enable the system to reach the highest levels of sound quality.

Enjoy a true 5.1-channel surround sound experience, as well as additional sound tuning capabilities such as MediaXpander+, RoadEQ and the ability to fine tune your car’s audio via PC.

For those who want to retain their factory head unit, the PXA-H800GC is a great way to upgrade the system with more sources and better sound quality.


The Ultimate High-End Processor - PXA-H800
Alpine continues its quest to create the ultimate in-cabin sound experience. Enter into a new era of digital audio signal processing with the Alpine PXA-H800. Decades of experience and know-how, new technology and innovation combine to create Alpine's finest and most advanced audiophile grade multi-channel processor ever.

PXA-H800 - Professional Sound Quality
The PXA-H800 provides all the audio processing functions necessary to enable the system to reach the highest levels of sound quality.

PXA-H800 Ultimate Mobile Media Experience
With the PXA-H800, you can enjoy a true 5.1-channel surround sound experience just like you get from your home cinema system.

PXA-H800 Factory System Upgrading
For those who want to retain their factory head unit, the PXA-H800 is a great way to upgrade the system with more sources and better sound quality.

PXA-H800 Audiophile Grade Components
A few years ago, Alpine released the AlpineF#1Status series of ultra-high performance audio components. Many of the lessons learned from developing those models, about high-grade parts and how to apply them, are now being put to good use in products like the PXA-H800. One example is the use of four Wolfson 24-Bit D/A converters, which are generally found only in professional recording systems and help to ensure superb detail and soundscape. Another is the use of two 32-Bit floating-point SHARC DSP's, which precisely reproduce the sound source with no degradation. Other top quality parts are a 6-layer PCB and a 24-Bit A/D converter for high quality RCA input and 114dB dynamic range at the device level.

PXA-H800 Wolfson 24Bit DAC's
The PXA-H800 is equipped with four K-grade Wolfson 24-Bit D/A (digital-to-analogue) converters. These ultra high-end DAC's are only found in the very best home audiophile equipment and processors, as well as professional recording systems. They offer ultra high resolution and superlative sound reproduction for rich music details and harmonics.

PXA-H800 32Bit Sharc DSP's
Two 32-Bit floating-point SHARC DSP's are on-board, which precisely reproduce the sound sources with zero degradation. Other top quality parts are a 6-layer PCB and a 24-Bit A/D converter for high quality RCA input and 114dB dynamic range at the device level.

PXA-H800 ImprintEQ
The PXA-H800 turns any factory head unit into a sophisticated ImprintEQ audio system, with sound that is perfectly clear and precisely balanced for the best possible tonal response and imaging in your vehicle. If you're serious about upgrading your system, start with the PXA-H800.

PXA-H800 ImprintEQ with Post-Tuning Adjustment
ImprintEQ is a hardware/software combination that can completely overcome the acoustical problems present in every vehicle interior. It optimises the sound stage, tonal balance and definition automatically, in just a few minutes. After the tuning is complete, you can manually tweak the settings if you desire.

PXA-H800 Additional Sound Tuning Capabilities
Demonstrating its full commitment to mobile sonic excellence, Alpine packed more technologies in the PXA-H800, including the ability to do fine-tuning on a PC.

PXA-H800 Extensive EQ Capabilities
The PXA-H800 provides both graphic and parametric equalisation. The graphic EQ provides 31 bands for each of the five channels, plus 10 bands for the subwoofer, with gain from -12 to +12dB. The parametric EQ lets you select a band and then adjust the output level and width for precise tuning. You get 10 bands for each of the five channels, plus five for the subwoofer, with detailed Q settings and gain from -12 to +12dB.

PXA-H800 Fine Tuning via PC
Connect your PC to the PXA-H800 with a USB cable and you can get a cool-looking, easy to use GUI that lets you make detailed audio adjustments. You can also store numerous settings on the computer, for later selection or even for various different vehicles.

PXA-H800 Six Speaker-Level Inputs
With six speaker-level inputs, you can connect six channels of sound from a head unit and other components that do not have preamp outputs. There's no need for seperate line output converters.

PXA-H800 Time Correction & Digital Crossover
Digital Time Correction lets you achieve optimum sound staging by ensuring that the sounds from all speakers reach your ears at the same time. Up to 8 channels can be corrected automatically or manually, from 0 to 20ms in 5ms steps. Digital high pass and low pass filters allow you to set slopes from 0 to -36, with gain from -24 to 0dB. You can customise your system with the exact frequency crossovers you want.

PXA-H800 Add More Media Sources
With two Ai-NET connections, two optical digital inputs and six-channel RCA inputs, you'll have no problem adding components for front and rear sear entertainment. And of course, with the PXA-H800 in your system, you're assured of much higher sound quality than any factory system can provide.

PXA-H800 Bi-Phantom Centre Speaker
Even if you don't have a centre speaker, you can still enjoy 5.1-channel sound. Alpine has included a Bi-Phantom function, which uses the front left and right channels to create a phantom centre channel, enhancing vocal quality.

MediaXpander Plus
This exclusive Alpine technology restores sound quality that is lost in the recording or transmission processes. No adjustments are necessary, you just push a button. MediaXpander+ is especially good for making compressed digital audio on iPod or other players sound better, but it is also effective for old recordings on CD, and also improves the bass from factory installed speakers.

Road EQ
Even superior sound can be degraded by problems like road noise, wind noise and air conditioner noise. RoadEQ uses a microphone to record the music plus noise inside the vehicle. It compares the original and recorded signals, then creates frequency-specific level adjustments to cancel the noise components. A powerful processor performs these operations at 48,000 times per second.

PXA-H800 True 5.1-channel Surround Sound
You can hear multi-channel sound from movie and music sources in the Dolby Digital and DTS Digital Surround formats. The unit also provides Dolby Pro Logic II decoding, so you can even enjoy stereo recordings in surround sound.

Euphony makes it possible to enjoy 5.1-channel sound from 2-channel sources. It creates natural surround sound from CD or iPod with wider soundscapes and hormonics. It especially enhances vocal and instrumental quality, for a superior sound field and no listener fatigue.


  • 31-band Graphic EQ per channel (front L/R, rear L/R, centre, subwoofer: 10-band), Gain -12dB to + 12dB

  • Parametric EQ (front L/R, rear L/R, centre: 10-band, subwoofer: 5-band), Q 0,5/1/1,5/2/2,5/3/4/5, Gain -12dB to + 12dB • 8 channel auto/manual digital time correction (0 to 20ms, 0,05ms steps)

  • MediaXpander Plus

  • X-Over: Digital HPF/LPF (Slope 0/-6/-12/-18/-24/-30/-36, Gain -24dB to 0dB)

  • RoadEQ

  • ImprintEQ

  • Dolby Digital

  • Dolby PRO LOGIC® II

  • DTS®

  • 32-Bit Floating-point SHARC DSP

  • 4 x Wolfson 24-Bit D/A Converters

  • Euphony™ Sound Enhancement

  • Basic functions Touch Control Ready with IVA-D800E

  • 6 Channel RCA Input

  • 2 x Ai-NET Inputs

  • 2 x Optical Input

  • 6 Channel Speaker Level Input

  • 8 Channel configurable RCA output (4 Volts)

  • Gold-plated RCA Connectors

  • USB Port for computer setup via included Sound Manager software (requires Windows® XP/Vista®/7/8)

  • RUX-C800 required for full operation

  • Includes Microphone and USB Cable

  • Includes 5.5m Ai-NET cable


Graphic EQ number of bands

  • Front (left and right): 31 bands
  • Rear (left and right): 31 bands
  • Center: 31 bands
  • Subwoofer: 10 bands
  • Graphic EQ boost cut range: +-12 dB (in 0.5 dB steps)


Parametric EQ number of bands

  • Front/Rear/Center: 10 bands
  • Subwoofer: 5 bands


Parametric EQ frequency

  • Front/Rear/Center: 20/22/25/28/31.5/36/40/45/50/
  • 56/63/71/80/90/100/110/125/140/160/180/200/220/
  • 250/280/315/360/400/450/500/560/630/710/800/
  • 900/1k/1.1k/1.2k/1.4k/1.6k/1.8k/2k/2.2k/2.5k/
  • 2.8k/3.2k/3.6k/4k/4.5k/5k/5.6k/6.3k/7.1k/8k/
  • 9k/10k/11k/12.5k/14k/16k/18k/20k(Hz)


Initial Setting:

  • Band 1: 31.5 Hz
  • Band 2: 63 Hz
  • Band 3: 125 Hz
  • Band 4: 250 Hz
  • Band 5: 500 Hz
  • Band 6: 1 kHz
  • Band 7: 2 kHz
  • Band 8: 4 kHz
  • Band 9: 8 kHz
  • Band 10: 16 kHz
  • Subwoofer: 20/22/25/28/31.5/36/40/45/50/56/
  • 63/71/80/90/100/110/125/140/160/180/200(Hz)


Initial Setting:

  • Band 1: 25 Hz
  • Band 2: 40 Hz
  • Band 3: 63 Hz
  • Band 4: 100 Hz
  • Band 5: 160 Hz
  • Parametric EQ boost cut range: +-12 dB (in 0.5 dB steps)
  • Time correction control range: 0 to 20ms (0.05 ms steps)
  • Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • S/N ratio: >102 dB (IHF-A) (RCA INPUT), >110 dB (IHF-A) (DIGITAL INPUT)
  • Channel separation: 90 dB
  • Input sensitivity: 2 V (Analog) (RCA AUX INPUT), 7 V (Analog) (SP AUX INPUT)
  • Subwoofer crossover: 20 to 200 Hz (1/6 oct. steps)
  • Rated output: 4V (with 10 k ohms load)
  • Distortion factor: 0.01%
  • Input impedance: 10 k ohms or higher
  • Output impedance: 1 k ohm or less



  • Weight: 1.35 kg
  • Width: 169 mm (6-3/4″)
  • Height: 50.8 mm (2″)
  • Depth: 215 mm (8-1/2″)

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