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Amplifier Processor


6-Channel Digital Sound Processor and Amplifier


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The innovative Alpine PXE-M60-4 is a micro size all-in-one powerhouse that boasts a comprehensive array of DSP technology, amplification, wireless 48kHz/24Bit high resolution Bluetooth audio and system expansion capabilities.

Perfect for upgrading, it’s compatible with Alpine head units, or enhancing factory systems where replacing the OEM head unit is not an option, the PXE-M60-4 is the ultimate solution. It effortlessly integrates into existing setups, breathing new life into your audio system. What sets it apart is the ability to fine-tune your sound to perfection. By using the computer software with USB connection, or via bluetooth through the smartphone application, you have complete control over your audio settings. Adjust equalisation, tweak configurations, and customise the sound like a pro, all at your fingertips.

Its 4-Channel high level inputs allow for effortless integration of your setup by providing input from any head unit, all-while the 2 x RCA outputs let you expand a typical 4-channel system to easily add and control output of a powered subwoofer or external high-power mono amplifier and subwoofer. Furthermore, you can connect the optional RUX-C810 Remote Controller that can be mounted virtually anywhere, providing access to system setup configuration, source selection, master volume, fader/ balance and subwoofer level control, plus audio preset selection.

Versatile fitment is at the core of the PXE-M60-4’s design. Regardless of your vehicle’s type, this amplifier is crafted to adapt. Its flexible design allows it to seamlessly integrate into virtually any vehicle, making it the ideal choice for enthusiasts seeking high quality sound tailored to their specific needs.

Equipped with Navi Mix, PXE-M60-4 seamlessly integrates navigation guidance with your music listening experience in vehicles with factory head units. With Navi Mix, drivers can enjoy the convenience of receiving turn-by-turn directions from the factory head unit without interruption of Bluetooth audio playback from a smartphone. This innovative technology allows the navigation voice overs from the head unit to smoothly overlay on top of the playing music, ensuring that essential driving instructions are heard clearly without the need to lower the volume or pause the music. By enhancing driver awareness and safety, Navi Mix offers a harmonious blend of navigation guidance and entertainment, making every journey more enjoyable and stress-free.

Ultimately, the PXE-M60-4 is not just an amplifier; it’s a game-changer. Engineered for seamless integration, versatile fitment, and exceptional sound quality, it redefines what is possible in your vehicle’s audio system.

Experience the power of customisation like never before. The Alpine PXE-M60-4 puts you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to tailor your sound to match your unique preferences.

Superior Sound Processing

The Alpine PXE-M60-4 features advanced sound processing capabilities, ensuring high-quality audio output. Its precision in signal processing, including equalisation, time alignment, and crossover settings, provides greater control for an immersive listening experience. With this amplifier, users can enjoy crystal-clear sound and enhanced bass response, making it ideal for audiophiles and car enthusiasts seeking premium audio quality.

Flexible Configuration Options

This 6-channel sound processor amplifier offers versatile configuration options, accommodating various speaker setups and car audio systems. With 6 channels (2 x RCA) available, users can connect multiple speakers, a subwoofer, and other audio components, tailoring their car audio system to their preferences. The flexibility in channel allocation and configuration allows for a customised sound setup, ensuring optimal performance in almost any vehicle.

Intuitive User Interface and Control

The PXE-M60-4 is designed with user convenience in mind. It boasts an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to adjust settings and fine-tune the audio output. Using the companion mobile app or computer software, users can quickly configure parameters such as equalisation curves, time delays, and crossover points. This user-friendly interface ensures a hassle-free setup process and customisability like never before, enabling users to achieve their desired sound profile effortlessly.

High Efficiency and Compact Design

Despite its powerful performance, the Alpine PXE-M60-4 is engineered for high efficiency, minimising power consumption while maximising output. Its compact design allows for easy integration into various car models without occupying excessive space. This efficiency ensures that the amplifier operates optimally, delivering robust sound without straining the vehicle’s electrical system. Additionally, the compact size facilitates convenient installation, making it an ideal choice for car audio enthusiasts looking to upgrade their systems without extensive modifications.

Control with RUX-C810 (Sold Separately)

The PXE-M60-4 paired with the RUX-C810 control knob provides streamlined control over car audio settings. This potent combination enables users to effortlessly switch between their personalised audio presets through an intuitive user interface, delivering a tailored listening experience on the move. Invest in ease with the RUX-C810 control knob to simplify audio configuration on the go.

Complete M-Series Audio System

Embrace the essence of a complete system family designed to integrate into virtually any vehicle or configuration. With perfect power matching and synergy, the PXE-M60-4 utilises intelligent matrix input summing and provides RCA pre-outs for connection to the PWE-M770 subwoofer or an alternate subwoofer system. The M-Series system combines compact power amplification with advanced sound processing, high-quality speakers and an 7-inch subwoofer that delivers unrivalled power and performance at a modest price.


  • 31-Band Parametric or Graphic EQ
  • HPF / LPF / Bandpass Crossover per channel
  • PC / Smartphone Tuning Application
  • Matrix input summing
  • Selectable Remote Sense On or Accessories On
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Navi Mix
  • Digital Timing Correction


Frequency response

  • 20Hz~20kHz


  • 4 CH Hi-Level
  • High Resolution Bluetooth


  • 4 CH Hi-Level / 2 Ch RCA
  • 25W RMS x 4
  • Sampling Rate : 48KHz /24Bit

Sound & Tuning

  • 31-Band Parametric or Graphic EQ
  • HPF / LPF / Bandpass Crossover per channel
  • PC / Smartphone Tuning Application
  • Matrix input summing


  • 160mm x 140mm x 38mm

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