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Amplifier Processors


12-Channel Audiophile Processor with Built-In 8-Channel Amplifier


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The PXE-0850S offers music enthusiasts the ultimate audio experience. The PXE-0850S is a DSP sound processor and consists of advanced digital sound processing technology through innovative software including tuning via the compatible Android application or PC. Extreme sound can be achieved with key features such as 31-bands of EQ adjustment, parametric filters, signal time-alignment, input delay and time correction, The 6 channel utilises the in-built digital amplifier while the 12 channel RCA outputs provide the use of an external amplifiers, a combination of both functions can be used to support any sound configuration.

A series of ultra-high performance audio components have been built-in to achieve Alpine’s heritage quality sound. Perfect for upgrading your system, you can easily add new sources, such as bluetooth for audio playback straight from your phone, or high-resolution media via the digital coax and optical inputs. With powerful tuning on-board you can accomplish truly high-end sound of any system configuration. 

PXE-0850S Controller

Achieve perfect sound with seamless control of all functions through the included commander. With an in-built display, this remote controller even provides detailed information for full command and accurate tuning. CT?

External Bluetooth

The PXE-0850S allows for an abundance of wireless functions via the provided external bluetooth dongle. This includes sound tuning via the Alpine smartphone application and audio streaming from mobile devices.

High Level Input

The all-new PXE-0850S includes 6-Channel line level inputs which allows the utilisation of the in-built amplifier, connect front and rear speakers and tweeters for advanced sound tuning.

12 Channel RCA Output

The 12 Channel RCA outputs allow for the setup of virtually any system configuration. The connection of external amplifiers to the outputs to allow for the use of 2-way and 3-way speaker systems with a subwoofer.


  • 31-band Graphic EQ per channel (front L/R, rear L/R, centre, subwoofer: 10-band), Gain -12dB to +12dB
  • Parametric EQ (front L/R 10-band, rear L/R 10-band, subwoofer 5-band, center 10-band), Q 0.5/1/1.5/2/2.5/3/4/5, Gain -12dB to +12dB
  • 8-Circuit RMS Power 8 x 25W
  • Power Supply: DC 9V – 15V
  • Dynamic Range: ≥110dB
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: ≥100dB
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • High Pass Filter
  • Low Pass Filter
  • 12 Channel RCA Output
  • 6 Channel Input
  • Digital Time Correction
  • 24-Bit-Sigma-Delta D/A Converter
  • 32-Bit Floating Point DSP
  • S/PDIF Optical Input
  • Sound Tuning via Smartphone App
  • Sound Tuning via PC Software
  • USB Port for Computer Setup
  • Remote Controller Included
  • Bluetooth Dongle Included
  • Bluetooth Audio Streaming


Graphic EQ number of bands

Front (left and right): 31 bands
Rear (left and right): 31 bands
Center: 31 bands
Subwoofer: 10 bands
Graphic EQ boost cut range: +-12 dB (in 0.5 dB steps)

Parametric EQ number of bands

Front/Rear/Center: 10 bands
Subwoofer: 5 bands

Parametric EQ frequency

Front/Rear/Center: 20/22/25/28/31.5/36/40/45/50/56/63/71/80/90/100/110/125/140/160/180/200/220/250/280/315/360/400/450/500/560/630/710/800/900/1k/1.1k/1.2k/1.4k/1.6k/1.8k/2k/2.2k/2.5k/2.8k/3.2k/3.6k/4k/4.5k/5k/5.6k/6.3k/7.1k/8k/9k/10k/11k/12.5k/14k/16k/18k/20k(Hz)


Weight: 1.35 kg
Width: 169 mm (6-3/4″)
Height: 50.8 mm (2″)
Depth: 215 mm (8-1/2″)

Click here to download the PC sound tuning software.

Click here to download the Owner’s Manual for the PXE-0850S.

Click here to download the Installation Manual for the PXE-050S.

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