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RT: @alpineAU: (03-Jul-2014) @_JamesW Hi James, try resetting unit prior to inserting card. Ensure maps are d...
RT: @alpineAU: (12-Jun-2014) @Nickau1 These items generally need to be ordered in so most dealers won't have ...
RT: @alpineAU: (09-Jun-2014) @jaselynch http://t.co/Qq2eGKjpyZ
RT: @alpineAU: (05-Jun-2014) @Tresnan_Starr Do mean cover art being played on music screen? As long they're d...
RT: @alpineAU: (05-Jun-2014) @jaselynch At this stage we don't have any info on exact date or pricing but som...
RT: @alpineAU: (05-Jun-2014) @jaselynch CarPlay compatible unit will be available late this year.
RT: @alpineAU: (03-Jun-2014) @n_Spir3d Repco are not currently Alpine Dealers. Please visit http://t.co/FijDB...
RT: @alpineAU: (22-May-2014) @julian_kat All Alpine cameras are compatible with this model.
RT: @alpineAU: (15-May-2014) @iusedtoknow Please follow the instructions at http://t.co/T8yj48e1Uh